Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Scale your business without additional hires or work by consulting with our QA team. Our QA experts have many years of experience and have been adopting the latest techniques, software understanding, and industry trends.

Our goal is to ultimately deliver to you
  • More efficient workflow
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater control over project management and execution
  • Quicker launch times
  • Lasting QA capabilities for the future

If your business places an emphasis on development, we can independently manage your entire QA testing and method development so you can continue to expand your company. Our QA team works with you for your individual company needs.

To ensure you receive the highest quality product, we
  • Identify and collaborate on your company‚Äôs individual needs
  • Organize a QA team with years of experience in the latest industry trends
  • Select the optimal methods and tools for your project
  • Create shared reports
  • Provide timely feedback on the processes
  • Create test cases and tailored frameworks
Additionally, our manual testing team also provides invaluable services during the project
  • UI/UX testing
  • Error Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Installation Testing
Finally, our teams are also incredibly well-versed in automated testing. The most common tools and frameworks we use include:
  • Appium
  • Cucumber
  • CUnit
  • Device Anywhere
  • Enterprise tester
  • Fitnesse
  • HP WinRunner
  • Jasmine
  • JUnit
  • NUnit
  • Protractor
  • QF-Test
  • QuickTest Professional
  • Rational PurifyPlus
  • Rational Quality Manager
  • Rational Test RealTime
  • Rational TTCN Suite
  • Rational Visual Test
  • Robot Framework
  • RoutineBot
  • Selenium
  • SmartBit
  • Jenkins
  • Ranorex
  • TestComplete
  • TestExecute
  • TestNG
  • TestPlant eggPlant
  • TestQuest CountDown
  • TT workbench
  • Valgrind
  • TechExcel DevTest